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CVP is proud to host VetFuel as a resource to the veterinary industry in partnership with leading veterinary experts from some of our industry's most knowledgable organizations. 

The CVP VetFuel resource center offers recorded and live webinars, articles, news, and white papers, curated to fuel the veterinary industry.



Knock ‘em Down & Wake ‘em Up

CVP partners with Alyssa Mages, BS, CVT, the Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of Empowering Veterinary Teams (EVT) to present an introductory course on...


Let's Move Upstream: Prevention

CVP teams up with Not One More Vet & Dr. Tiana Kelly, DSOCSCI, MA, LPC, NCC, for an educational session about suicide prevention in the veterinary...


Veterinary Leadership Conference 2023

The Community Veterinary Partners team heads to Nashville, TN for VLC where we will enhance the professional development of our team and build...


Canine Heartworm - What's the Latest?

CVP partners with Zoetis to present Canine Heartworm Disease - What’s the Latest? with Pablo D. Jimenez Castro, DVM, Ph.D., and Diplomate of the...


Introduction to Intersectionality

Alyssa Mages and Caitlin Keat present a VetFuel on what intersectionality is, how it affects our daily lives, and how our intersections can be...


Building the Culture You Want to Work In

Dr. Melanie Goble, DVM reviews the science linking individual physical health and mental wellbeing to workplace culture as well as the benefits of...


EVTriage. Evaluate. Calm. Notify. Treat. Repeat.

This session covers every aspect of an ER veterinary triage, from input to intake, and informs you how to implement effective triage into your...


CPR for the Veterinary Soul

This VetFuel looks at both veterinary personality types and tendencies as individuals, as well as workplace stressors common in veterinary medicine.


The 5 Big Canine Vector-borne Diseases

Clinicians learn to recognize and respond to canine vector-borne diseases including Heartworm, Borreliosis, Rickettsiosis, Babesiosis, and...


Planning for Your Future: Financial Q&A

Andrew Rotz, CFC, CCFC answers pressing questions about planning for the future and addressing specific concerns from a pre-event CVP survey.


Mentoring: From Good to Great

This presentation included what a well-rounded mentor should possess, and what it takes to create a long-lasting outcome for both the mentor and...


Communicate to Deescalate

How to improve communication, recognizing and respecting differences in employees, and handling less-than-ideal situations will be discussed.


Telemedicine: Thrive, Don't Just Survive

During this session we will focus on how to think about leveraging digital care in your practice, rather than just how to use it to to reevaluate our...


Building Your Financial House

Andrew Rotz talks about smart investments, potential practice ownership, what your benefits should look like, and more.


Enhancing Intercultural Competency

Dr. Craig shares how to become more aware of our interactions with each other in veterinary medicine and provide good, practical tools that'll...


Industry Outlook Amid COVID-19

Dr. Salois shares industry trends, shares his valuable insights on how and when the veterinary industry may recover from COVID-19 and future...

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