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Pharmacy Fight! How to Win Against Tough Competition 3/28/24

CVP partners with Merck Animal Health and Management Consultant Fritz Wood, to discuss the current state and future outlook of veterinary pharmacies.

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Reports of the death of the veterinary pharmacy have been greatly exaggerated! Competition is fierce of course, but if you choose to compete, you can win. Throwing up your arms in surrender may be easy, but few small businesses can sustain a 25-33% loss of total gross income, so fight you must.  

This session will prepare you to win that fight, equipped with Pharmacy Best Practices. The AAHA Compliance Studies (and others) show that only a minority of pets who see a veterinarian receive all the products and services recommended. The veterinary profession has recognized the Compliance Gap for nearly two decades -- and alas, nothing has changed. Most practices still carry a multitude of competing lines of parasiticides, pet foods, and NSAIDs, and too few promote online pharmacy/home delivery. The insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result must stop! It is time for change. 


Date: Thursday, March 28, 2024
Time: 7pm EST
CE: This course is RACE-Approved for 1 CE Credit Hour 


Featured Speakers:

Fritz Wood

Fritz Wood owns and operates an animal health consulting practice in Kansas City. He’s focused exclusively on the veterinary profession for 30 years, conducting important research on veterinary productivity and attributes of high-performing practices. Fritz is also affiliated with Triune Financial Partners, a comprehensive personal financial planning and investment management firm. Both practices exist to help veterinarians achieve their lifetime goals. 

Fritz Wood
CPA, CFP, Management Consultant
In partnership with:
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