Building the Culture You Want to Work In

Dr. Melanie Goble, DVM reviews the science linking individual physical health and mental wellbeing to workplace culture as well as the benefits of physical and mental wellbeing in life and the workplace.

CVP is proud to partner with Not One More Vet to bring you this presentation with Dr. Melanie Goble, DVM.

This VetFuel covers the building blocks and steps to be taken as individuals and as a team to build a culture that individuals want to work in. We will incorporate the science behind individual happiness and wellness and how that influences workplace culture. There will be heavy emphasis on individual responsibility for personal and cultural wellness and how the larger organization may support both individual wellness and workplace culture.


NOMVProudSupporter_blackAbout the speaker:

Dr. Melanie Goble, DVM is a qualified small animal clinician with diverse experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medical, surgical, and behavioral disorders of dogs, cats, and small mammals. Background includes experience in general practice, emergency practice, zoo medicine, behavioral consultations, shelter medicine, and international veterinary medicine. Dr. Goble strives to increase the human-animal bond by not only caring for the patient, but also for the emotional and psychological health of the entire family. Dr. Goble currently serves as the Director of Fundraising and Membership at Not One More Vet while working as a relief veterinarian.


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