Finding the Right Fit: How to Choose the Perfect Veterinarian Job for You

Choosing the perfect veterinarian job goes beyond a simple job search; it requires a thoughtful evaluation of your goals, values, and needs for work-life balance.

A career as a veterinarian is both noble and fulfilling. As an animal lover, the opportunity to care for and heal our furry friends can be immensely rewarding. However, choosing the perfect veterinarian job requires careful consideration to ensure a harmonious balance between your professional aspirations, personal values, and work-life balance. 

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which job is going to offer the balance you crave. So, how do you find a veterinarian job that meets your needs? In this blog, we will explore essential factors to help you find the ideal fit in the vast landscape of veterinary positions. 

Understand your goals and define your specialization before searching vet openings: 

veterinarian job optical specialty Before responding to recruiters or diving into the job search, take the time to assess your personal career goals and aspirations. As you know, veterinary medicine offers a wide range of specializations, from small animal clinics to emergency-only hospitals, to exotic animal care. Consider your current passions, strengths, and areas of expertise, but also think long-term and where you want to grow your skills.  

Identifying your desires will help narrow down the job options and guide your search. With over 15% of practices offering ER or specialty care, an employer such as Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) offers a diverse range of animal hospitals, where you may gain a breadth of exposure to a multitude of opportunities as you think about your career path.  

Ensure the hospital or group of hospitals supports the level of care you want to provide in your veterinarian job:

As a veterinarian, your number one priority is providing exceptional care to pets. When choosing where to practice, you will certainly want to know about the equipment you’ll be using, the systems available to you, and the services you are expected to offer. In addition, how will the clinic help you grow your skills and expand your ability to care for animals as techniques and technology advance? You can get a feel for the level of care you will be able to provide by further understanding the resources available to you and the hospital’s willingness to invest, adapt, and evolve treatment.  

Seek a collaborative work environment: 

veterinarian job team environmentA supportive and collaborative work environment is crucial for professional growth in any industry, but with the emotionally-tolling and physically-demanding role of a veterinarian, having a support system is even more vital. 

Look for a practice where teamwork is encouraged, colleagues are open to sharing knowledge and experiences, and professional advancement opportunities are available to everyone, whether in the hospital you will be working in or across the group of practices. A positive work atmosphere fosters camaraderie, improves morale, and enhances the level of care you are able to deliver.  

Research the clinic's reputation, talk to current or former employees, and consider seeking opportunities for job shadowing or externships to get a feel for the work environment. In a group such as CVP, spending a day in the hospital and talking with other veterinarians in your area who are part of the CVP community goes a long way in understanding team dynamics.  

Consider the veterinary practice culture and values: 

Aligning your personal values with the practice's culture is vital for long-term satisfaction in your veterinarian job. Evaluate the practice’s mission, values, and approach to veterinary care. By visiting the hospital, checking out their social media page, and spending time with the staff, you can observe how the team works together as a unit.  

In addition, dig deeper into how the practice team treats pet parents in the community. Is there an emphasis on patient education and client communication? Does the clinic participate in local events and donations? Several of our CVP hospitals have partnerships with local animal shelters or contribute to national non-profits, such as Not One More Vet. This helps our veterinarians and their teams to come together for a shared cause and passion and build camaraderie.  

Understanding the practice's and overall company’s values will help you gauge how well you fit into their overall vision and ensure a harmonious working relationship. 

Assess a veterinarian job with work-life balance: 

veterinarian job work life balanceVeterinary medicine can be demanding and emotionally taxing. Prioritizing your well-being and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for a long-term career.  

Explore the practice's schedule, workload expectations, and emergency coverage. Consider the availability of flexible hours, time off, and opportunities for continuing education.  

Often, working in a practice that is part of a larger group allows for more “you” time.  

With CVP’s flexible scheduling, true paid time off for veterinarians, and extended paid parental leave, veterinarians are able to reenergize and find the balance they need to provide exceptional care to pets. These types of benefits can be costly to solo practitioners, so you will likely find more comprehensive packages available if you are part of a larger network of practices.  

A job that allows you to pursue personal interests and spend quality time with loved ones will contribute to your overall satisfaction and prevent burnout. 

Evaluate compensation and benefits: 

While job satisfaction should be a priority, you still have yourself and your family to care and provide for. Considering the compensation and benefits package is important when evaluating the right role: 

  • Compare salaries in your desired location and specialty to ensure fair compensation.  
  • Inquire about health insurance, retirement plans, and professional support allowances. 
  • Find out if there are additional perks, such as CVP’s free 24/7 mental health support and free online continuing education platform. 
  • Ask about sign-on and/or annual bonuses.  

A comprehensive benefits package can enhance your financial stability and overall job satisfaction. 

Seek professional veterinarian career development opportunities: 

Continual growth and learning are essential for a fulfilling veterinary career. Look for opportunities that invest in professional development such as CVP’s industry-leading vetFWD mentorship program 

Access to such opportunities will not only expand your knowledge and skills but also provide a sense of professional fulfillment, and community building among other veterinarians. This ties back to being able to deliver great care, which ultimately, is what a veterinarian job should entail. 

veterinarian job trainingChoosing the perfect opportunity goes beyond a simple job search; it requires a thoughtful evaluation of your goals, values, and work-life balance. By considering factors such as specialization, work environment, practice culture, work-life balance, compensation, and professional development, you can find a job that aligns with your aspirations and provides long-term satisfaction. Remember, the right fit will enable you to thrive as a veterinarian, making a positive impact on the lives of both animals and their human companions. 


Interested in learning more about a career with CVP? With 130+ hospitals across 18 states and a variety of specialties, we likely have something that aligns with your skill set and goals.  Check out our open opportunities here or reach out via the form below to connect with one of our recruiters.  



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