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Lyme Disease: Why You Should be Talking About Prevention

CVP partners with Dr. Daniel Baker of Merck Animal Health to discuss the treatment and prevention of Lyme Disease.

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Prepare to deepen your understanding of Lyme Disease with an enlightening session presented by Merck Animal Health in collaboration with CVP. Dr. Daniel Baker, DVM, 
Sr. Professional Services Veterinarian with Merck, will outline why Lyme Disease remains a prevalent and vital topic in today's veterinary discussions. 

In 2018, the ACVIM updated its Consensus Statement to provide the most up-to-date information about the disease in order to guide practitioners on how best to diagnose, treat, and prevent Lyme disease.  

One of the newer insights is that Lyme disease is no longer seasonal, but a year-round concern.  Warming winters and less persistent snow cover allow for ticks to feed through the winter months.  

In this presentation, Dr. Baker will not only review the basics of Lyme disease but will also do a deep dive into the key points from the 2018 ACVIM Consensus Statement. 

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Review the vector and pathogen that cause Lyme disease 
  • Review commercially available diagnostic tests to detect Lyme disease 
  • Discuss treatment options for a dog that test positive for Lyme disease 
  • Discuss prevention through annual screening, tick and environmental control, and vaccination 
  • Review updates from the 2018 ACVIM Lyme Consensus Statement 

Join us for an insightful webinar where we shed light on the latest updates, research findings, and expert insights surrounding this concerning health issue affecting our animal companions. 


Featured Speaker:

Dr. Baker

Dr. Daniel Baker serves as a Sr. Professional Services Veterinarian at Merck Animal Health. Before joining Merck Animal Health, Dr. Baker worked as a Professional Services Veterinarian for a leading veterinary diagnostic corporation for 8 years. Prior to that, he worked as both a Regional Sales Manager and Professional Services Veterinarian within the veterinary nutrition space. Dr. Baker enjoys learning about innovative product and service offerings and then speaking about these innovative solutions with veterinary professionals, in order to enhance their state of art medical offerings to veterinary practices around New England and New York.

Over the last 40+ years, Dr. Baker has witnessed the progression of how veterinary medicine has evolved. What were once dogs and cats that slept predominantly outside, moved to pets who were allowed to live indoors and sleep in our beds. Today, we call our furry loved one’s family members. With these positive changes comes the expectation from each successive generation that these family members deserve the absolute best healthcare when offering preventive care and managing disease. 

When not in the field, Dr. Baker enjoys traveling with his family and spending time at the barn with his daughter who is an aspiring Olympic showjumper.  Their family includes a Hanoverian named Baxxter, a Dutch Warm Blood named Peter, a Golden retriever named Scarlett and a hedgehog named Oreo.

Dr. Daniel Baker, DVM
Sr. Professional Services Veterinarian
New England Region
Merck Animal Health

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