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The Power of Partnership: CVP Doctor Success Stories 4/18/24 (new date)

Our accomplished veterinarians share their success stories that resulted from a meaningful collaboration with CVP.

BD Partnership Panel (1)

You’re invited to join us as we sit down with a dynamic panel of accomplished veterinarians who will share their success stories that resulted from a collaboration with Community Veterinary Partners (CVP). The insightful discussion will delve into the various ways these former practice owners have enhanced their clinics through a strategic partnership with CVP. 

The panelists will highlight the multifaceted benefits they have gained from their association with CVP, ranging from improved patient care to enhanced operational efficiency. Each doctor will share their unique perspective on how CVP has played a pivotal role in elevating their practices to new heights. 

Key Discussion Items:  

    • Patient-Centric Care  
    • Operational Efficiency 
    • Professional Advancements 
    • Collaborative Approach 
    • Financial Benefits 

Join us and learn more about the transformative impact that these strategic collaborations with CVP have brought to our community of veterinarians and their practices.  


Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024
Time: 7pm EST
CE: This course is RACE-Approved for 1 CE Credit Hour 



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