Pet Care Starts With People Care — Top 5 Ways CVP Takes Care of Your Veterinary Team

At CVP, we believe that pet care starts with people care. That's why we prioritize caring for you and your veterinary team when you join CVP.

When it comes to selling your veterinary practice, one of the key concerns you are probably facing is what will happen to your team. We understand the thought of selling can be daunting, and you want to ensure the well-being of all of the individuals impacted by your decision. 

At CVP, we believe that pet care starts with people care—so ensuring your team is taken care of is imperative to us. That's why we prioritize caring for the individuals who make up our organization, especially those at our hospitals. In this blog, we will explore the top five ways CVP can take care of your team by: 

  1. Enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional care. 
  2. Fostering career growth. 
  3. Providing teams with the ability to take care of themselves and their families. 
  4. Gaining support while preserving autonomy. 
  5. Expanding their professional network.  

Should you decide to partner with CVP, you can rest easy knowing you have made an excellent choice for your practice and the people who make it a success. 

1.) Enable your team to focus on delivering great care 

Just like you — our number one goal is providing quality care to animals. CVP offers comprehensive support to your team, which in turn, allows them to dedicate more time and energy to treating pets. By optimizing hospital operations and providing access to things like cutting-edge equipment, clinical trials, and exposure to new techniques, CVP empowers team members to deliver the highest level of efficient and effective care.  

"I rest easy knowing that I have steady hands focusing on the business, which allows me to spend more time on what I really love: Helping patients,” says Dr. Randy Bimes of Quakertown Veterinary Clinic. “Partnering with CVP ensures our employees, patients, and community will continue to receive the care they deserve.” 

With access to CVP's support, you’re staff will have more time and energy to devote to your patients and less time spent on the day-to-day admin tasks — it’s about working smarter, not harder. 

2.) Provide team members with professional development and career enhancement opportunities  

CVP values continuous growth and learning. When teams join us, they gain an abundance of opportunities to develop new skills, learn about different roles within the industry, and expand their professional horizons through efforts including: 

  • Access to CVP's free all-access online RACE-approved CE platform where team members can take courses specifically designed for their role, including sessions for practice managers, veterinary technicians, and more.  
  • Team members at CVP gain exposure to our intensive leadership development program— Catapult, in addition to on-the-job training and mentorship programs, thereby enhancing their knowledge and bringing the latest advancements in veterinary medicine to benefit your patients.  
  • As a veterinarian with CVP, you are able to further enhance your own skill set through our industry-leading mentorship program — vetFWD. This program focuses on your life-long career as a veterinarian, which enables you to share what you’ve learned with the next generation.

3.) Deliver options for your veterinary staff to take care of themselves and their families 

CVP is a community and we believe in taking care of our team members beyond the parameters of the workplace. We do this by providing a robust benefits package that goes beyond the essentials, including a 401K with CVP match, and comprehensive paid time off packages. In addition, our paid parental leave surpasses short-term disability policies. Whether they are a new mom, a new dad, or new adopting parents— this gives your team members more time with their newest family members without the added stress of work.   

Understanding that veterinarian professionals experience a high level of emotional stress, compassion fatigue, and more, mental well-being is prioritized at CVP. When choosing our benefits plan, we were diligent in ensuring mental health coverage was incorporated. This is in conjunction with every single team member at CVP having 24/7 access to support through the Ginger mobile app, one of the country's leading mental health resources.  

Of course, financial security is also a big consideration for your team. CVP provides programs that are typically challenging to offer as a solo practice such as: 

  • Performance-based incentives where team members can earn more as goals are hit. 
  • Practice managers and veterinarians are able to invest in their future via CHIP-CVP Hospital Investment Program. 
  • The CVP Community Fund is available to financially support team members who face unexpected hardship. 
  •  401K with CVP match to help team members prepare for future retirement.

4.) Gain help where your team needs it and preserve autonomy where they don't 

Why fix something that isn’t broken? We aim to enhance existing practice cultures and systems rather than replace them. We ensure continuity, allowing your team to work with the same practice management systems they are used to and maintain your unique cultural identity.  

So where do we jump in? 

  • Teams gain access to top vendor partners and buying platforms.
  • We provide support in areas such as accounting, payroll, benefits enrollment, and HR-related tasks through a top-of-the-line HRIS system, thus removing administrative tasks from your team’s plate. 
  • Every hospital is provided with marketing support where we help manage things like social media, email campaigns, and website updates through our leading digital marketing platform. That said, we are careful not to infringe on your brand or disrupt what clients know and love about you.

We wanted to keep our same culture, identity, and all the things that we had created,” Dr. Amy Nicewonger, Alpha Veterinary Services, explains. “We also live in a small town, so we didn’t want that ‘corporate feel’. We wanted everyone to feel like we were still our same small-town hospital. Since we sold to CVP, that definitely has been the case. 

Our goal is to work in partnership to provide your team with the help and support they need most. By relieving team members of administrative burdens they can focus on their core responsibilities—taking care of animals. 

5.) Expand your tribe’s professional network 

By joining CVP, you and your team become part of a community made up of more than 130 hospitals, including general practice, emergency, and specialty hospitals. Exposure to this broadened network fosters collaboration, creates an outlet to share best practices, and provides exponential support when needed for challenging cases.  

"Being part of the CVP family opens up opportunities to learn from and share best management practices with other veterinary hospitals,” Dr. Samuel Geller, Quakertown Veterinary Clinic, said. “Our team feels empowered to do the right thing and knows they have good partners by their side to help when they need it." 

As the glue that holds your hospital together, you and your practice manager also have the opportunity to connect with your peers and participate in role-focused CE sessions at CVP's annual Veterinary Leadership Conference (VLC). By gathering all of our lead veterinarians and practice managers together each year in person, we create synergy and connection across hospitals.  

Are you ready to explore more about how you and your team will be supported as part of the CVP community?

We understand the importance of preserving and enhancing the existing practice culture, therefore our goal is to work alongside you, not to replace you or anyone on your team.  

As we believe in the fundamental principle that when people thrive, pets thrive too, our focus is on providing your staff with the time, support, and resources they need to excel, ultimately relieving stress, fostering personal growth, and enabling them to provide exceptional care to pets and their owners. CVP empowers your team to provide exceptional care and make a lasting impact on the lives of pets and their owners. 

If you're ready to explore how CVP can elevate your team and provide a new world of opportunity, reach out to us today by completing the form below.



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